Information about me, my mixes and other miscellaneous stuff will appear here.

But here are some quick bits:

Who am I?
I am a guy from Sweden, who around 2001-2002 fell in love with a genre dubbed Happy Hardcore. A year later I started burning tracks to CDs, and to be able to fit as many tracks as possible, I started using programs such as AtomixMP3 (which was later renamed virtualDJ). So that's kinda how I started mixing, and ever since, I've shared my results for other people to listen to.

Why are most of my newer mixes in OGG format?
The Vorbis codec (which extension is usually named .ogg) allows for higher bitrate than MP3 files (at least without heavy modification, and thus breaking compatibility), in sense keeping more of the original quality as possible (unless the sources are MP3 that is).

Most PC platforms and software should have no issues supporting this format, not even iOS such as iPhones or iPads (although 3rd party programs such as foobar2000 and VOX might be needed to play the files).

Most of my older mixes are still in MP3 format though, but most are only 192kbps, which is kinda low, hence the so called Revisisted mixes.

On that subject, what's the deal with the Revisisted mixes?
The biggest reason with these re-recorded mixes is to preserve the mixes at a higher quality. In some cases is because I managed to find enough higher quality tracks to warrant it, or I just wanted to redo it (but in some cases I might've just made it worse, haha).

What is .CUE?
Cue Sheets (.cue) is part of a format for burning CDs. These files are mostly used together with CD Images (.img), but has been tooled to also work with Audio-CDs. Cue Sheets makes it easier to burn to CD with timestamps, or when using software that supports them (for example foobar2000).

NOTE: The .cue will work with most audio files when using software to play them back. But if you wish to burn them, the ones that come with .ogg files MIGHT NOT work. I have not personally tried burning them, so be warned. To make it work might require transcoding the .ogg to .wav and editing of the .cue file, which I will sadly not go through here.
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